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I've lost some respect for Deb Sheppard because of that letter

To the editor,
Election Day is Tuesday in Northfield and I encourage all of my friends and neighbors to come out and vote!
I also have a hope that someday we can get through an election cycle without negative campaigning. I was disappointed this weekend to read an extremely negative letter to the editor from Northfield Selectboard Candidate Deb Sheppard. She was responding to a letter to the editor from Selectman Steve Bluhm in which he told voters of a potential problem going forward if we elect Deb. Steve stated that there is pending litigation with the town that involves Deb; litigation that current Selectman Peg Sheppard has recused herself from any deliberation because of her relationship to Deb. Deb and Peg are sisters-in-law. Mr. Bluhm stated in his letter that if Deb is elected both her and Peg would have to recuse themselves from deliberation and cost the town untold amounts. That is pretty much all his letter stated and, as far as I know, is accurate.
The letter from Deb was an over-the-top reaction to Steve's letter descending to the depths of name calling and what I call sewer politics. Honestly, I have lost some respect for my friend Deb. During her letter, which I describe as a rant, Deb never gave us a reason to vote for her other than to say she has experience and is an independent thinker. She states she has worked successfully with Peg on Old Home Day and that she loves our community. Her letter is sorely lacking in specific reasons why we should vote for her and what she would do to improve Northfield. Her only reason for running, described by her, was so that "...Mr. Waldron not run unopposed". Deb's letter called Mr. Bluhm "(Selectman Jeff Ziminsky) Ziminsky's Sheep and Mr. Waldron is a sheep in training". I just shake my head and wonder how Deb expects that a letter of this type will get her elected.
I support Kevin Waldron for selectman and urge you to vote for him Tuesday and here is why. I have served on many district and town boards, including the Winnisquam Regional School District and Northfield Budget committees. Kevin is not only a frequent visitor to both committees, but he is well informed and participates in the discussion by asking well educated questions. Deb says in her letter that Kevin participates in these types of meetings in a "negative, hostile and angry manner". Seriously Deb? Kevin is soft spoken and his questions are rooted in facts and what is in the best interest of Northfield. I don't really know how Deb would know how Kevin participates in the Winnisquam Regional School District Annual meeting because since I have been a resident I have never seen Deb at that meeting. The WRSD budget is the biggest contributor to our tax rate and Kevin engages every year. He is respectful and is well informed. I can also say that while Deb was a selectman and was the delegated representative to the Zoning Board, I cannot remember her attendance at any of our meetings. Kevin attends many Selectboard and Budget Committee meetings to stay informed about town business and help out when he can.
One of the accomplishments of "Citizen" Kevin Waldron was taking the initiative to hunt down and find a better deal on our new town dump truck last year. That saved you and me over $20,000! As a taxpayer I welcome and respect that!
Kevin Waldron is endorsed by community leaders like former police chief and current Merrimack County Sherriff Scott Hilliard, Northfield Police Chief Steve Adams, Realtor and Zoning Board Vice-Chairman Dave Liberatore, Former State Representative Greg Hill and many others. I believe the candidate with the most experience, dedication and ability with a fair and open mind is Kevin Waldron. Please join me Tuesday in voting for Kevin Waldron for Selectman of Northfield. Thank you.
Keith Murray
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