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We should elect Greemore & Billings to preserve our tax dollars

To the editor,
I'd like to respond to Saturdays letter from Chris Mega. Per usual, Chris didn't let me down in his response to my words regarding his run for the I-L School Board seat. His true colors came shining through. He insinuates that I am not SMART enough to have an opinion... that someone else has "put words in my mouth or on paper for me to copy". Chris, you HAVE met me, we HAVE had conversations, but I, by no stretch of the imagination , am ANYONE"S puppet! In fact, as I sit here typing into the computer, Norman is telling me to just let it go... dont even respond... poor guy has tried to rein me in or the better part of 20 years to no avail.. .so if he can't do it I dont imagine anyone else is going to.
Maybe the words "blind sided" weren't the ones I should have used... maybe they were my attempt at being polite. For you to even bring up the connection to my NOW adult son back in 2010 was a "CHEAP SHOT" since you knew beyond a shadow of a doub,t I supported the other candidate. I did NOT wait three years to say something either... if you reach back into your infinite and apparently unfaltering memory... I said something to you that night about the fact that I didn't support you... that I felt you had a vested interest... I told you straight up before we even left the Community Center. I didn't change my mind then OR NOW. For you to even mention my son then was also a cheap shot at the connection he also had and has to Jack; it's a brotherhood you wouldn't understand. But, like you said its over and done; you said you were sorry and that makes it all better now doesn't it? Actions speak louder than words, Chris, and your actions spoke volumes to many of us... Jack may have forgiven you but not all of us have forgotten what tactics you are capable of in an effort to reach your goal. Just because I may think your a pretty nice guy or that Diane is a fabulous teacher doesn't mean I feel every action you make is the best or that you are the person best suited for the seat. We need a full-time board member and one who sets a good example... you used to, but saddly I lost my respect for your example with this ruthless action,
In response to Mike Hatch's comment that my opinion of Lou Kahns "gift" to Child's Park was a slap in the face.... I clearly stated it was my opinion... it is my belief that the conditional gift to Child's Park came from Bobbi Smyth and not Lou Kahn as he would like us all to believe, and thats a slap in her face. Unfortunately, Lou doesn't even know how much his beautiful wife meant to so many of us in the Center.  With no argument, Mr. Kahn has given a lot to the town; his efforts on the Planning board and Conservation Committee are in part what makes Meredith such a wonderful place, but exactly how many fingers does he need in the pot? I don't believe any elected official should be voted into office "quo pro quo". (hey Chris, imagine that, I even know a few Latin terms as well). Fran Eames gave land to the town as well but we don't see her son, Preston, flaunting it about. There is something to be said for humility. Aside from the fact that a select-person needs to have a certain degree of diplomacy which is not a strong suit for Mr Kahn as we have already experienced.
The Greemores have given things back to the community as well, without requiring sunshine to be blown in their direction. They are part of a group who have work diligently to restore an reestablish the Wicwas Lake Grange, made financial donations to the Korean War Memorial in Meredith Center, contributed to the matching funds of Bobbi Smyth's Gift to Child's Park, and sponsered the plantings in the Meredith Center watering trough — to mention just a few small gifts they have given. Jaynes husband, Bob, represents us whole heartily everyday in Concord. No, she didnt have all the answers at the "Meet the Candidate" interrogation sesson... but she didn't pretend she did either and her sincerity to the fact spoke volumes.
Again, It is my opinion we elect Jayne Greemore and Mark Billings in an effort to preserve our tax dollars.
Holly Tetreault
Meredith Center
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