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The 'Sugar Daddies' of America never had it so good. Vote Mega

To the editor,
I am writing to support the candidacy of Chris Mega for Meredith's representative to the Inter-Lakes School Board. Chris has demonstrated his commitment to public education while his opponent, Mark Billings, has not convinced me that he shares that commitment. Recently there have been a number of articles and letters explaining the similarities and contrasts between these two candidates. My perspective is different.
While I enjoy following politics at the national level, I have attended a number of local candidate meetings over the years and one in particular stuck in my mind. It was a meeting in Meredith during Mark's last unsuccessful run for School Board. I listened to Mark refer to "Sugar Daddies" as being Meredith's dirty little secret. Sugar Daddies are those paying high property taxes on expensive homes in the area. I believe Sugar Daddies are more concerned with their tax bills than the quality of education at Inter-Lakes.
This attitude is a problem at all levels of government. Our politicians argue about "having a spending problem not a revenue problem", who is "paying their fair share" and "class warfare". America's annual deficits and national debt certainly confirm that we're spending more than we take in and we need to control our spending but changes on the revenue side have contributed to the problem. When I finished my education and started working, the top marginal tax rate was over 70 percent; our politicians now play brinksmanship games about a 2 percent change in the top marginal rate when that rate is approximately 34 percent. Back in the 1970s, Capital Gains were taxed at 50 percent, in recent years Capital Gains have been taxed at less than 25 percent. I agree with billionaire Warren Buffett, who stated that class warfare has been going on for some time and his class won!
Locally, efforts to cut Belknap County taxes happen at chaotic meeting amid threats of lawsuits on top of existing law suits and general reductions in budgets without specific directions on how to make the cuts. We need to decide how much government we want, at all levels, and pay for it.
With the possible exception of the Robber Baron Era, the Sugar Daddies in America have never had it so good. I hope the voters consider that when these self- proclaimed Sugar Daddies gaze out over Winnepesaukee they have their backs to the Inter-Lakes School District its students and teachers.
Please support public education it's an investment in our community, state and country. I voting for Chris Mega and hope you give him your consideration.
Paul Trombi
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