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Ask you reps to keep Social Security & Medicare as strong as possible

To the editor,
A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to contact your senators and representative and ask them to support the president on a number of issues and I still feel that it is important. It is also important to protect Social Security and Medicare.
In part, the sequester occurred because the president did not hand over Social Security and Medicare to be hacked and slashed. Paul Ryan is back to his divide and conquer tactics. He wants to weaken these programs for future generations. Seniors need to stand up for the next generation.
There are some very good reasons to believe that the next generation will need Social Security and Medicare even more than this generation of seniors. Both public and private sector retirement plans continue to get weaker and weaker and the job market leaves a lot to be desired.
Social Security is not in immediate danger and is not the cause of the deficit. It should not be on the chopping block. The "chained CPI" is a move in the wrong direction.
Medicare is tied to the increase cost of health care and needs help. The president is right when he asks for a balanced approach. We should not just cut benefits.
Please call or e-mail your senators and representative. They need to understand what we want them to do. Keep Social Security and Medicare as strong as possible for all generations.
Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)
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