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Too much safety is going to break our municipal budgets

To the editor,
Lately there has been a lot of talk of towns running out of their road maintenance budgets. Laconia has been on the news because the winter budget is used up. I have been in Laconia many times after they have received a dusting of snow, and the entire road crew is plowing and salting every road and sidewalk.
Voters should start paying more attention at the Town Meetings and budget votes. Every year it seems more and more equipment and materials (salt and sand) is needed, yet the winters of late have been on the average more mild. It seems these days that the mangers and road agents are sending the crews out at the first sign of a snow flake, and they remain out until well after the storm is over, plowing, sanding and salting multiple times for every storm. How many times do we see the State Highway trucks and local town trucks plowing dry roads and salting barely wet roads and sidewalks when the sun is already out melting everything?
These guys doing the work are just being told what to do by the bosses, and they do a good job, but whatever happened to having some common sense with taxpayer money? If we get an inch of snow on a day when the forecast calls for sunshine, why not let nature do it's thing and save some money? Or better yet, let people learn how to drive on a little bit of snow. Our road agent had guys come in on Christmas Day to clean up barely a quarter inch of snow. This kind of thing would not have happened a decade ago, taxpayers and selectman would have spoken up. These days it seems that everyone is scared to say something because it's all in the name of "safety". Well, too much "safety" is going to break our budgets.
Martin Carney
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