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Pat Clark is fair in his representation of both Tilton & Northfield

To the editor,
I begin my remarks to the readers by saying that I gave great thought and consideration to who I would support for Tilton-Northfield Fire Commissioner. I have been friends with Pat Clark for many years. In elected positions I feel it is important to look at who the best candidate is. I know both Eric and Jane (not nearly as well) and I think all have the best interest of the district at heart. I have not and will not speak a bad word about them I believe people who step up to the plate as elected representatives of the people do a noble thing that others won't do.
Although I don't agree with Pat on all issues I do believe that he has been fair in his representation of both communities, I as a taxpayer appreciate his fiscal concerns and believe that he recognizes our Fire Department and personnel are fantastic employees of our communities. I had strong support for Pat when he ran the first time because he was in favor of keeping the district together. I remember things were very volatile at that time. As of today I am hoping that the issues that were recently contentious are now settled so we can move on.
Let's work together with all involved in working for our communities to make sure we continue to be the great spot in New Hampshire we are all proud to live, work and raise our families in.
Scott Hilliard
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