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Look at record since Mrs. Argiopolis has been on Alton board

To the editor,
The Alton School Board needs a voice of reason to replace Krista Argiropolis. That voice is Carlos Martinez and Mary (Murphy) Doherty as a write in.
In this economy, if you are concerned about Mrs. Argiropolis and Mrs. Tilley increasing your property school taxes by an additional $1.08 per thousand (and not .34 as the claim) for the next 15 years for the largest bond issue put before the voters by a N.H. School District this year, then vote Martinez and write in Mary (Murphy) Doherty.
Mrs. Argiropolis also voted for allowing concealed weapons on school property, not awarding bids to the lowest bidder, and not running a credit check on school contractors' sand vendors. Would anyone of you award a bid on a multi-million dollar building without even a credit check? Consider this. She voted for a new security camera system so that you are able to watch people with switch blade and fixed blade knives of any size walk around the building. You can watch them but according to school policy they have every right to do it. She voted for wasting taxpayer money on a $30,000 wind study that never got off the ground. We could have used that $30,000 for something else, like books and supplies. She voted to lease equipment and pay interest expenses when the equipment could have been bought for one-half the cost. During her tenure, two superintendents, one business manager, two vice principals, and one principal had to be replaced. During her tenure, money voted in for school repairs were never used, the facility deteriorated significantly, and academics hit a new low. Under her tenure Alton Central School and Prospect Mountain High School did not make AYP for multiple years and ACS was awarded the embarrassing designation of a "school in need of improvement" and a "district in need of improvement". The school went from an average academic performer compared to all schools in N.H. to the bottom 20 percent under her watch. Instead of fighting for $18,000,000 for books, supplies, curriculum, and money to recruit the best teachers available, she is fighting to spend $18,000,000 for a monument as her legacy. Unfortunately it is you and I that will be paying for this legacy for the next 15 years.
Think about this. If you cannot, or choose not to manage a building that she terms as a safety hazard for our children by refusing to use money to fix the problems as they arise, what will change with a new building? Do you want the same people who manage the old building managing the new building? A vote for Martinez (a teacher and small business owner) and a write in for Doherty is you're only alternative to helping Alton schools make it to the next level.
Steve Miller
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