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Belmont: please vote yes on Article 25 and no on Article 2

To the editor,
There are 27 warrant articles on the Belmont Town Meeting ballot. All are worth citizen time before voting at the Belmont High School today. Articles #2 and #25 are cornerstones for building the kind of community citizens have continually endorsed with voices, energy and support for more than 10 years.
Article #2 proposes Belmont's major entries — our front doors — on Route 106 and Route 140, add another, more or expanded trash facilities. Vote no if you value water, the still-farmed land on Depot Street, or wonder how it would complement the $1.7M+ taxpayer investment in the village.
Article #25 seeks $,5000 for a Heritage Commission fund to match grant and other opportunities. In the past five years the volunteer commission has delivered $100,000+ in direct funds, and about $50,000 in equipment and services — both from other than local taxpayer sources. I'm privileged to serve on the Commission and ask for a yes vote.
Yes on #25 and no on #2 are votes for dollars and sense. Both reflect the 2002 Master Plan vision, in part "...The Town recognizes its potential for growth and is committed to the protection of its unique natural resources, history and recreational opportunities ..." Thank you.
Linda Frawley
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