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Even in enlightened societies many are accustomed to old ways

To the editor,
When President Obama signed and renewed the "Violence against Women Act" a couple of weeks ago, it got me thinking about the plight of women in our "Enlightened Societies". Since brevity is an art form we won't go into the status of women in the developing world — which is there for all to see.
The book of Genesis relates two accounts of how Adam and Eve "evolved". One subordinates Eve to Adam having been created as his playmate and fashioned from one of his ribs. The other gives her complete equality. Now one would think that the New Testament would take a stand and choose between the two. Indeed MY MAIN MAN did choose and raised the status of women not only to equality but in a few cases showed partiality to them.
One would also think that the New Testament vision for women would prevail in modern society but alas it was not to be. Rules are made by men and we can thank "Saint" Paul, and "Saint" Augustine for resurrecting the "subordinate" role for women. Naturally there are women and organizations that resist these biblical ideas but the sad fact is that even in our "enlightened" societies there are many who have grown accustomed to the "old ways". For them, women will always be in fourth place as the title suggests, and of course there is plenty of altar linen to be washed and ironed.
George Maloof
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