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Yet again too many people failed to show for Shaker meeting

To the editor,
Thoughts on the 2013 Shaker School District Meeting:
1. Yet again, too many people who complain about their property taxes throughout the year did not bother to attend this year's meeting. YOU are the reason that the $chool budget continues to grow exponentially. YOU are the reason that attempts to form a budget committee or to pass SB-2 fail. News flash: They, who have the most votes, win! Get it? Stop complaining and do something!
2. Less than 200 people from two towns attended this meeting — a very sad statistic given that the final $chool budget was over $20 million.
3. Interestingly, SB-2 has been rejected in the past — one reason — the fear that only a few "uninformed" people will make all the decisions. Only about a hundred people passed the $20+ million budget. Yikes!
Budget Committee vote:
1. Opponents of budget committee proposal cited their complete trust and support for the School Board to make all the budgetary decisions. "We trust them to do the right thing. We don't need another layer of oversight," they said.
2. They expressed concern that members of a budget committee would not understand the "workings of the school system."
3. They felt that a budget committee would likely be "adversarial," would oppose the School Board's budgetary decisions, would not have the students' best interest in mind during their deliberation, and would likely make catastrophic cuts.
4. Once again, the budget committee proposal failed.
5. Ironically, during the discussion of the very next article covering the total operating budget, a number of these same people spoke in opposition to a modest budgetary cut that all but one of the School Board members supported. (Two district principals and the district superintendent also supported this cut.) Huh? What happened to all that "trust and support" for the School Board's decisions? The vote was taken and the money was restored. (This is the second time that this has happened in the past three years.)
6. In the end, these people reveal themselves as duplicitous, disingenuous, adversarial, and quite selfish with this behavior. They obviously fear any changes or anyone who might threaten to cut spending, INCLUDING THE SCHOOL BOARD!
Given the fact that property taxes fund education, NOTHING is too good, too frivolous, or too expensive when paid for by others.
Ken Knowlton
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