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Gilford, join me in voting for my friend Pat LaBonte for Fire Engineer

To the editor,
I am writing today to encourage Gilford voters to join me in casting a vote for my friend, Pat LaBonte, for Fire Engineer. Pat, a lifelong resident of Gilford, has honorably served this town in various positions for nearly 50 years. He served as a budget committeeman for a total of 15 years (since the mid-1960s), three terms on the Board of Fire Engineers (1979–1988) and three terms as a selectman (1989–1998).
Pat recognizes that changes need to be made in regards to how the Board of Fire Engineers operates to ensure the board remains relevant into the future. Pat is NOT the candidate that was hand selected by the current chair of the Fire Engineers, there is no expectation the he will be a rubber stamp for the chair. You can expect Pat to correct problems not just hid them, or make excuses. Unlike the current board, Pat would never endorse a policy change that is designed to shield the Fire Department from any oversight. Pat would hold people accountable and not reward incompetency. Pat understands that the purpose of the Fire Engineers is to represent the taxpayers of Gilford while simultaneously ensuring that Gilford Fire and Rescue provides essential services to the community. Meanwhile he will vigilantly ensure that taxpayer funds are not wasted and all equipment that the taxpayers have entrusted in the Fire Department's care is properly maintained to ensure a maximum level of readiness, and equipment life span, as well as return on investment. Pat has a proven track record of tackling problems head on and not simply giving lip service.
Pat Labonte has always fought for the interest of the taxpayers, which is exactly what is badly needed on the Board of Fire Engineers. Please vote Pat LaBonte!
Kevin Leandro
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