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Meredith, please support the most qualified, Billings & Kahn

To the editor,
I support Mark Billings for the I-L school board. Mark does not have any conflict of interest and his volunteerism to many town committees has shown his real interest in helping the community be a better place to live and work.
His opponent Chris Mega is married to a district teacher.
One of Mr. Mega's main concerns is the Ed Tax Credit. He maintains that it has an adverse fiscal impact on public schools. After reading a letter from Gregory Hiller of Northfield in The Sun on March 7, the letter showed how the bill contains a fiscal safety net for the school districts if too many students leave one district. One of Mr. Mega's main concerns was losing so much money on each pupil that leaves less money for the district. Did you also know that one of our present school board members has two children in a private school?
As a retired custodian at the elementary school I would like you to know I think the world of all of the teachers and aides that I had the privilege to work with. To me this issue isn't about teachers.
Mr. Kahn has given back to Meredith with his public service on the Planning Board, chairman of the Capital Improvement Planning Committee, Trustee of the Trust Funds and town moderator. I was truly surprised that a supporter of Jane Greemore berated the gift of Childs Park in Meredith Center and the reason was questionable and self serving. What a slap in the face.
After attending a meet the candidates night at the community center I couldn't understand why Mrs. Greemore couldn't explain the waste in the town budget. She was asked three times about the waste and finally on the third time she stated she hadn't had time to read next years budget!
After mentioning this to a few of her supporters, they all said "she had a long day". If that is the case then what is she going to do after a long day, as a selectman?
I know Jane loves Meredith and I respect her and Bob and are very lucky to have their business for sharpening.
Please support the most qualified candidates, Mark Billings and Lou Kahn.
L. Michael Hatch
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