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I'm willing to work to earn your vote for M'borough Slectboard

To the editor,
My name is Chris Shipp. I am running for selectman in the town of Moultonborough. I moved to Moultonborough more than 12 years ago, shortly after my son Conner was born. When we were deciding on where we wanted to make our home, my wife Michelle and I were looking for a town with an excellent school system, a strong sense of community, and a reasonable tax rate. We found all three in Moultonborough. Shortly after moving to town, my daughter Lauren was born and my wife was fortunate enough to be hired as a sixth grade teacher at the Moultonborough Central School. Prior to living in Moultonborough, I lived in Ashland for 10 years, where I served on the Budget Committee, the Fire Department, and I was chairman of the Housing Standards Board. I was raised in the town of Canaan, N.H. I have associates degrees in Liberal Arts, Fire Science, and Emergency Medicine. I am employed as a lieutenant with the Laconia Fire Department, where I have worked for almost 18 years.
Since moving to Moultonborough, I have served my community whenever possible. I have served as a volunteer coach for the Moultonborough Recreation Department and numerous private youth sports organizations in the Lakes Region. I served on the town's E-911 Committee. Currently I am a volunteer lieutenant on the Moultonborough Fire-Rescue, and I am a member of the Moultonborough Recreation Advisory Board. While I have enjoyed serving the town in these roles, I feel that I am now ready to take on more responsibility in the leadership of our community.
It is my hope that by being elected Selectman, I may serve as a catalyst for positive change in our community. I feel that it is important for new ideas and perspectives to be brought to the leadership table in order to ensure that a healthy level of progress takes place. When I decided to run for Selectman, I developed a set of standards that I pledge to adhere to in order to ensure that all people are treated with respect and that all residents are fairly and consistently represented. They are as follows.
I will be an approachable leader and receptive to the ideas of others: My home and cell phone numbers are always available. It is impossible to be the voice of the people if you are unsure of how the people actually feel about an issue. In the absence of being contacted, I will always actively seek the opinions of the residents that I am elected to represent.
I will treat all residents with the respect they deserve, even when their opinion is different than mine: If all people agreed on every issue, all the time, positive change would never take place. I firmly believe that it is extremely important to attentively listen to both sides of every issue, and to compromise whenever possible.
I will spend every tax dollar as if I earned it myself: I was taught at a very early age that if you watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves. I don't mean this to imply that I will always take the cheapest route, because I wont. I will however always try to take the most cost effective route in order to obtain the most value from every single tax dollar.
I will always remember that I am elected to promote the will of the people: Today, politics are often clouded by hidden agendas. Some leaders have their own agendas while others try to further the cause of a private organization or political party. I have no hidden agenda. Quite simply, my only aspiration is to provide fair, consistent and transparent leadership to the people of Moultonborough.
Over the last few weeks you may have seen me holding campaign signs on the side of Route 25. You may have received a phone call from me. I may have even knocked on your door. I did, and will continue doing all these things because I want people to know that I am willing to work for their vote. I believe that votes are never guaranteed, they must always be earned. I hope I have earned yours.
If you still have any questions about any issues, please contact me at (603) 476-2301 or (603) 387-8049. If I am elected, use these same numbers to contact me at any time to discuss any problem or concern that you may have. Thank you all for your consideration.
Chris Shipp
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