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I felt it important that Mr. Waldron not run unopposed in Northfield

To the editor,
I am writing this letter in response to an editorial in the Winnisquam Echo this week. Selectman Steve Bluhm stepped way over a professional and personal line when he slandered my name and the name of my family. Mr. Bluhm has a history of putting his foot in his mouth and in this instance, he out did himself. Voters of Northfield, ask yourself why Mr. Bluhm is so threatened by my running for selectman? Is it because he knows I will be an independent thinker and not follow him like a sheep? For the past three years Bluhm has been Ziminsky's sheep and Mr. Waldron has been a sheep in training. This has to stop. This is a selectboard not a farmyard. Selectmen represent you, the taxpayers and should be independent, creative thinkers — not followers. I understand why some people are concerned that Selectman Peg Shepard is my sister-in-law. I can only assure people of the positive aspects of this relationship. We work extremely well together on the T-N Old Home Day Committee and we both love and support our community. Some people feel we may "talk town business" at our family gatherings. We are both professional and honest enough to not participate in that behavior. But do you honestly believe that Ziminsky, Bluhm and Waldron haven't had "off the record" conversations about town business? I am not condoning this, merely pointing out the possibility.
I placed my name on the ballot because I felt it was important that Mr. Waldron not run unopposed. The taxpayers of Northfield should have a choice on who they vote into office. I urge taxpayers to remember the atmosphere and hostility when Mr. Waldron was a T-N Fire Commissioner. There was extreme hate and discontent between the commissioners and the firefighters. Taxpayers in both towns were at each other's throats and this was all under the leadership of Mr. Waldron. I ask those of you who attend town meeting to remember how Mr. Waldron postures at every meeting. While everyone has the right to ask questions and participate, Mr. Waldron chooses to participate in a negative, hostile and angry manner. Do you want that type of person making decisions for you at the town level. I certainly do not.
I urge Northfield taxpayers to see through this smoke screen and read between the lines. Please vote for me, Debra Shepard on March 12th for Northfield Selectman. We need fresh, innovate ideas and positive leadership in this community. Send a clear message to Mr. Bluhm, whose term is up in 2014, that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.
Debra Shepard
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