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Wake up Meredith and get rid of the spenders; vote them all out

To the editor,
Damn the taxpayers, full speed ahead with the spending, Give all the employees town, school, county a pay raise. In the private sector (the real world ) you're lucky to have a job much less a pay raise. If you can't pay your property taxes they don't care, at the end you will be forced out. Someone else will take over who can pay the taxs banks, finance company or a new owner. The system is not working well at all levels, we have people running for office who are part of the problem. Some with conflict of interest issues or special interest issues. Few represent the taxpayers.
Do we really need a new county jail (sorry, a rehabilitaion center ) during these hard times? Many never worked out here in the real world. All I can say is Kudos to Rep. Colette Worsman and her colleagues for trying to get the county budget under control.
Jayne Greemore for selectman and for school board, the only choice we have is Mark Billings. When a system doesn't work we need change; get rid of the spenders; vote them out. At this point we desperately need SB-2 and take the spending power out of their hands.
George Horne
Meredith Center
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