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Convince more people to recycle & forget about buying prison site

To the editor,
It is interesting to note that the two members of the Laconia City Council who strongly favor PAYT over stronger policies for recycling don't seem to be interested in helping low income people or retired people. Both of these men have jobs which make them middle class taxpayers who can well afford to purchase the PAYT bags.
These are the same council members who want the city to spend $2 million to purchase the former state prison site even though there is no guarantee the city will receive federal funds to rid the site of the contamination which exist there. From talks I have had with council members if the federal funds are received, and the site cleaned up, the council will then sell the land it doesn't want to keep. Why should city taxpayers be in the business or buying and selling land?
The other added burden is that the state will have to find a new location for the sexual offenders housed in the facility on Green Street across from the ball field. That is another burden for taxpayers.
What the council should do is convince more people to recycle and forget about buying that state prison site.
Gordon D. King
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