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Betty Abbott will provide right balance on Gilmanton Selectboard

To the editor,
To Mr Barnes:
Betty Abbott isn't responsible for the opinions of others for good or bad. Also, no need for "full disclosure". Brother-in-law or not, you're a taxpayer who believes that Don Guarino is the best candidate.
Personally, Don has been "off" just one year from his 6 year position on the BOS and I think he needs to take more time before running again. Yes, I agree that Don
is a considerate and thoughtful person. For over 25 years he has served his community in many constructive ways and continues to do so. It is something he truly loves to do. For example, when his term on the BOS ended he immediately picked up organizing our towns 4th of July event.
As for matters concerning the management of the town I am deeply concerned. Reading the BOS minutes or lack thereof, demonstrates a lack of transparency that is
troubling. Did you know that boards diverse in opinion, background and gender are the most successful. These dynamics make for substantive dialog and expand understanding of the issues at hand.
That being said, it's my opinion that Betty Abbott would be the best fit. I believe that she, Brett Currier and Ralph Lavin will provide the right balance our town needs. They have enough in common yet represent varying opinions and perspectives. This is the "recipe" for positive and progressive change in our community. Thanks
for hearing my perspective Mr. Barnes.
Lori Baldwin
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