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I am committed to public education & its long-term effects

To the editor,
I read with dismay a portion of Holly Tetreault's letter in The Sun on Thursday morning. I've known Holly for many years and consider her a friend. We sat next to each other at the 2010 meet the candidates forum. Holly was running for selectboard, and I for school board. We commended each other for making a run at public office we tried to prop each other up as the newcomers to the situation.
I reminisced and praised Holly's son as a wonderful person who did well in school and who babysat my children years earlier. I don't know how that got twisted into the "blind siding" and "dragging her and her son" into the campaign and somehow my taking credit for his accomplishments. Holly was already part of the 2010 campaign, and her adult son is an inspiration. Unless someone put words in her mouth, or words on a page for her, I can't believe that's how Ms. Tetreault honestly interpreted my compliments to her that evening. Waiting three years to say something is not like her. She and her family helped me and my family, and I thank her for that.
Regarding the video of Jack Carty, this needs to be put to rest. I apologize, Mr. Carty, for bringing you into this 2013 campaign — you probably prefer to step down gracefully after your years of service. In 2009- 2010 I videotaped school board meetings where Jack was speaking — public meetings in front of live audiences. I published to YouTube things that he said, on his own, in his own words, in context, in public meetings. I did not script anything. I did not shoot video recreating any situation. I did not shoot secret footage. I did not take anything out of context — in fact I was very careful to keep things in context so they couldn't be misconstrued. People who do not attend these public meetings have the right to see Jack as he truly behaved in those situations. I stood in the back of the room and shot video for all to see. It was not like the "47 percent video" of Mitt Romney that was shot unbeknownst to him.
Carty supporters don't seem to be upset by his behavior — what they object to was that other people got to see it. It's as if "what happens in those meetings stays in those meetings" and if you weren't there you aren't entitled to the show. That's not what a public meeting is.
Regarding my current school board race with Mark Billings, we both have strong convictions and strong supporters who will not be swayed by commentary. But for those who are undecided, and who rely on letters-to-the-editor for information, I think we both ask that you check the facts and separate them from opinion. Letter writers can continue their disparaging tirades, but I honestly don't have the energy to play that game in this campaign.
I am committed to public education and its long-term affects on our students and building strong communities, and I ask for your vote on March 12.
Chris Mega
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