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I'm running because I care about Town of Northfield & its residents

To the editors,
Good Day Northfield voters:
I write today to ask for your support in being elected to your Board of Selectmen.
I am running for selectman because I care about our town and its residents. I have been a fixture at Selectman's Meetings, Town Meeting, Fire District Meetings and School District Meetings since 2005. When I first moved here, we paid for our police cruisers in two payments which resulted in additional costs. Through my initiative at Town Meeting, that practice was changed. We now pay in full for our cruisers avoiding that additional cost. This cost avoidance is substantial as we buy a new police cruiser every year. In 2010, you generously appropriated $81,000 to purchase a new dump truck. Although I supported the purchase, I felt a better deal could be found. I took it upon myself to look for that better deal and came up with a solution that ended up costing $27,900.00 less than appropriated.
I served with the Trustees of Trust Funds and CIP Committee. In my time as a trustee, the Trust Funds were moved to higher yield accounts, without compromising the safety of the funds. Being a fiscal conservative, I am very concerned with the tax rate and all the budgetary components that affect our residents' quality of life. I analyze everything and make decisions based on input from the people who the particular decision will affect, solid research and sound financial practices. I am known to be a person of integrity, always striving to do the right thing. What will I bring to the board? stability, integrity and transparency. The best government is a small and open government. I am going into this with an open mind and no agenda whatsoever. I have received a great deal of encouragement and support from many members our community, including former Police Chiefs Scott Hilliard and Steve Adams, as well as members of the current Board of Selectmen.
I offer the following quotes for your consideration.
"Kevin Waldron will bring experience and leadership to the office of selectman."
— Northfield resident and Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard
"Kevin is a solid conservative with strong fiscal sense. He's what the town needs to limit spending, keeping our taxes low." — Northfield Selectman Geoff Ziminsky
I would appreciate your support at the polls on March 12.
Kevin Waldron
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