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Mega's opposition to Ed Tax Credit exemplifies conflict of interest

To the editor,
On Tuesday we can elect a smart, capable, and friendly businesswoman as a Meredith selectman. Jayne Greemore's daily customer contact informs her of local opinions, needed services, and the economic stresses affecting our citizens. Jayne's business experience has taught the importance of providing superior services in a cost effective way. Jayne Greemore will bring fresh thinking to our town board, she will make a great selectman.
Two talented and dedicated people are running for Inter-Lakes School Board. However, Mark Billings can perform all school board member functions without the conflict of interest resulting from Chris Mega's wife's employment in the school district.
In addition, Mr. Mega's priorities are wrong. The purpose of education tax dollars is to provide each child with a good education, not to fund the educational establishment.
No one objects when rich families move their children to better educational opportunities yet these moves cost school districts just as much state money as a poor child getting an Education Tax Credit provided scholarship. In fact, as opposed to when children from rich families leave a school district, the Education Tax Credit program limits the loss of state money due to scholarships.
Good teachers do not fear the Education Tax Credit scholarships. They know that some students just need a different opportunity, and this is no reflection on their teaching abilities.
How can people like Mr. Mega object to a scholarship program that helps the child of a poor family escape schools that fail them? Is it some kind of cruel elitism that wants the children of poorer families to get deficient educations so they are less competition for the children of the rich?
Or, perhaps Mr. Mega's opposition to the Education Tax Credit just exemplifies his conflict of interest because doing what is best for the child has a minor impact to school district funding?
Everyone should understand that no school district needs to lose a penny. In fact, districts can earn extra money by drawing students from other districts. I trust that Mark Billings sees that the Education Tax Credit program provides an opportunity to be exploited by ensuring that the Inter-Lakes School District provides an outstanding educational experience.
If your top concern is each child's educational experience, then vote for Mark Billings. If you are willing to trade away a child's future for a few dollars of state aid, then vote for Mr. Mega.
Do yourself and our town a favor, elect Jayne Greemore to the Meredith Board of Selectman.
Don Ewing
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