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Mega has the right attitude, demeanor & even temperament

To the editor,
Community and school volunteer, technology savvy, level headed, even tempered, passionate about public education, modest, compassionate, positive and non-political. Wouldn't it be great if all adults associated with our schools and students had these attributes? These are attributes that fairly describe Chris Mega, a candidate for the Inter-Lakes School Board. Chris is also a skilled musician and music teacher, a successful small business owner, holds two technology patents, was board chair of the Lakes Region Symphony for seven years, was manager of Internet Banking at MVSB for three years and was a successful financial advisor. Chris has a broad and diverse background that will enable him to make significant contributions to the I-L School District.
What really stands out to me is the positive perspective that Chris has of the Inter-Lakes schools and students. He knows first hand what our schools have to offer as his two sons attended K - 12 at I-L and are now in college. He knows I-L schools offer a solid academic, athletic and social environment in which students thrive; routinely up to 90 percent of graduates go on to further their education. Chris recognizes that there is always room for improvement, advancements and the need to embrace the best educational practices to keep our students current and competitive. With his solid financial, technical and leadership background, Chris is well equipped to work to make that happen.
In a February letter, Peter Miller noted that the School Board should be a non-partisan race and he hoped that partisan groups would not get involved in this election. It would seem that the important thing is that the candidate themselves be non-partisan. Through his letters, endorsements and the signs he holds at the polls, Chris's opponent Mark Billings has clearly made his political persuasion known as he actively supports local and state candidates who are self avowed Tea Party, Libertarian, and/or right wing candidates. In a recent letter, Tim Carter, co-chair of the Lakes Region Tea Party, embraced Mr. Billings as a frequent attendee at Tea Party meetings and a recipient of their newsletter. It is a reasonable question to ask whether Mr. Billings could separate his political leanings from School Board deliberations.
Chris notes on his website, chrismega.com, that he is a conservative independent. Chris has not been politically active in local or state politics. He is not just a registered independent, he actually is independent. He will bring a true individualistic voice to the I-L School Board which is a good thing. Chris has the right attitude, demeanor and even temperament for these times of difficult decisions. I hope you will review his website to learn more about him and cast your vote for Chris Mega for Inter-Lakes School Board on Tuesday, March 12th. Residents of Center Harbor, Meredith and Sandwich all vote for all I-L School Board Positions.
Denise Doyle
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