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I believe I can achieve more value and savings for Gilford taxpayers

To the editor,
Three years ago was the first time I had ever run for an elected office. There were some preconceptions and expectations on my part of what a member of the Budget Committee would be involved with. Most of these thoughts were accurate. In each of these three years I thoroughly examined each department's requests and vigorously asked questions on every line item. This approach has been effective in minimizing tax impacts to the property owners of Gilford. I also now have a much better understanding of how our town and school systems work. The value of this experience is why I am asking the voters of Gilford for another term on the Budget Committee.
My background in engineering, business and project management were what I felt gave me the appropriate expertise to understand the finances of our town and schools. These skills did guide me through this first term of three years. I thank the voters of Gilford for giving me that opportunity to serve them.
When I first ran for the Budget Committee, I told the electorate of Gilford that I was both a fiscal and social conservative. I have not wavered in my core beliefs. Those principles guided my decisions during this time period. This was not always easy. I have lived in Gilford for over 30 years, know and am friends with many of the people that are affected by the votes I make. My votes on the budget committee were made in good conscious for what I felt was the greater good of all of the taxpayers of Gilford. I chose not to go along to get along or to favor any specific function, department or group in our schools and town. All aspects of the budget were open to scrutiny. The budget review was made with no bias or prejudice, and I was not conflicted in my voting.
The Budget Committee has made efforts to reduce taxpayer costs in this difficult economy. Some of the cost savings have come from areas that I focused attention on. I believe that I was able to affect positive change for our community. We all know that the economy is still in a rut and the costs of life are escalating. We still have to work harder to achieve more value and savings for all of the taxpayers of Gilford. I believe that I can be even more effective in this regard if reelected to the Budget Committee.
As I ask for the honor of your vote and to serve again on the Gilford Budget Committee, please be assured that if reelected, I will approach the budgets in the same rigorous manner.
David R. Horvath, Senior
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