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Gilmanton deserves higher standards of transparency & fairness

To the editor,
Dear residents of Gilmanton:
In case you missed Candidates' Night on Wednesday, this is what I said: Let me tell you why I love Gilmanton. It is a town full of farmers and craftsmen, not big box stores. Trees, fields, valleys and hills. Gilmanton is beautiful everywhere you go. A fabulous school, libraries, and town facilities. Hard working and dedicated town employees. It is a real slice of heaven that requires the same loving attention that you and I give our homes.
Don Guarino and I have been friends for quite a few years, and it saddens me to be set up in opposition to him in this race. He is a nice guy and a great story-teller! He does have the gift of gab!
That being said, I believe that you are electing a decision maker to your board of selectmen this Tuesday. If you compare the record of the present board, and of the board that Don served as chair, with the board that I served as chair, I believe that you will find a clear difference between the quality of decision making and the actual accomplishment of those boards.
I am running for selectman because I am concerned about what I see happening in the management of our town. I am concerned about the lack of respect for proper procedures, policies and laws; for town employees and most especially for department heads; for the work that prior boards have done to protect the town, its people and its future.
A sign of trouble on any selectboard is an absence of substantive discussion as reflected in the minutes, an absence of motions and votes on items of business, and an excessive use of non-public sessions.
The town deserves a higher standard of transparency, fairness, efficiency and good management.
My approach to the board is the same as my approach to my personal affairs. I show up when I promise to, I pay my taxes on time, and I keep my commitments. I am the only choice for getting back on track and I ask for your vote so that I can bring reason, respect and professionalism back to the board.
Betty Ann Abbott
Gilmanton Iron Works
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