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‘Tall tales’ don’t do much for the legend of Betty Ann Abbott

To the editor,
I am sick and tired of the "tall tale telling" surrounding this year's election for selectman in Gilmanton, most of which appears to be coming from the friends and supporters of Betty Ann Abbott, much to her detriment.
For instance, Mr. Lew Henry of the Iron Works, in a recent letter made mention of Betty Ann's previous term, during which the Safety Complex was built. That is a true statement, but it doesn't tell the entire truth. Mr. Henry very conveniently fails to mention that Don Guarino served as selectman at the same time. It's a clear case of "I'll tell you what I want you to know, not the whole truth."
Then the vitriolic letter from Ms. Terri Donovan, in which she urges Gilmanton residents to beware the "glad-handing and good old boy promises" from Don Guarino. As far as I know, the only promise Don has ever made as a candidate or selectman is to do his best for the town. Ms. Donovan seems to think that Don would simply be a rubber stamp for the other board members, when, in fact, during two previous terms, Don was always an independent, considerate and thoughtful voice.
Ms. Donovan accuses Don of cronyism because he supported Brett Currier in his run for election last year. Her letter drips with the innuendo but she offers no facts whatsoever to support her outrageous claims.
Betty Ann, you are my neighbor, but I won't vote for you. I can't be certain that these rabid supporters of yours don't have an agenda that they will press on you. They can't seem to focus on your good points without bashing a man who did an excellent job as selectman in his previous terms. That tells me that they really don't think you're good enough.
Apparently you don't have the right stuff, or your supporters would simply stick to your good points and leave the candidate bashing out of the picture.
Lastly, as a matter of full disclosure, I will say that Don Guarino is my brother-in-law; his wife and my wife are sisters. That is a fact. That is telling the whole truth, something Mr. Henry failed to do in his letter.
James R. Barnes
Gilmanton Iron Works
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