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‘No’ votes will bring more than 300 jobs to the Plymouth region

To the editor,
As Plymouth voters may know, we have the opportunity to bring Market Basket to our town. Voting "no" on Articles 2, 3, and 4 will bring over 300 jobs to Plymouth, as well as a much-needed addition to our tax base.
I certainly share the desire of Plymouth's citizen's for a balance between growth and conservation. I also think, having identified the Tenney Mountain Highway as the location for commercial development in Plymouth — in order to maintain the rural character of the town elsewhere — that it's time to let these projects go forward.
The town already spent close to $100K in legal fees on the Lowe's case (that was a lawsuit against the town, not against Lowe's). The currently proposed development will occupy the same footprint as the Lowe's project. The decisions of Plymouth's Planning and Zoning Boards were challenged through the court system, and led to a decision by the N.H. Supreme Court which affirmed the Plymouth boards' decisions.
Market Basket is only interested in the "Lowe's" site. Some have questioned why commercial developers are not interested in other parcels on Tenney Mountain Highway, such as the one just past Wilson Tire on the South side. One explanation is that other locations are considered too far away from the highway for the big companies. They feel they would not catch the I-93 traffic.
Please vote on Tuesday. And if you want to welcome Market Basket to Plymouth, vote "no" on Articles 2, 3, and 4.
Valerie Scarborough
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