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Betty Ann Abbott will bring balance to Gilmanton selectboard

To the editor,
We are writing to support Betty Ann Abbott who is running for selectman in Gilmanton. She previously served as a selectman from 2008 to 2011 and has decided to run again. She has a record of being informed on the issues, following through on commitments and providing leadership. She also has served as deputy town clerk and tax collector prior to that for three years. She is very familiar with our town operations and the laws and regulations that govern it. She has an impressive prior career in business working for large and small companies. We need that kind of skill and talent on the board.
It is important to have a balanced board. We believe varied work experience, skill sets, interests and gender work to enhance the committees in our town. We feel Betty Ann will bring the balance this board needs. She has the independence, determination and skills to address the increasingly complicated issues our town is facing. She will not be influenced by politics and personal agendas that undermine the integrity of the office to the detriment of the town.
In the last year, there have been an inordinate number of nonpublic sessions to deal allegedly with so-called personnel matters or items that would affect a person's reputation. We have no idea what has been said in those sessions, but it is important that our selectmen, when acting, are mindful of our state and town regulations and respect the laws of due process. Betty Ann's experience in Human Resources will be a valuable needed asset.
We believe that Betty Ann Abbott is the best person at this time for the job. Please join us in voting for her.
Deborah Chase & John Funk
Nancy Girard
Gena Sapiro and Graham Wilson
Meg and Joe Hempel
Robert Ronstadt
Meg Nighswander
Ella Jo Regan
Nancy Ball & Mark Mallory
Heather & Christopher Hottel
Nancy Way
Stan & Alice Bean
Mary Alice & Allan McCulloch
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