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Help the next Stephane Hessel grow up among us here in N.H.

To the editor,
Great thinker and writer, Stephane Hessel, has died at age 95. Mr. Hessel co-wrote The Declaration of Human Rights. In 2010 he wrote Time for Outrage. Underlying both writings — "We still live in a world where the possessors are entitled to all the benefits and where the dispossessed do not yet know how to resist sufficiently." Sufficient resistance would result in great change, the way (my image) sufficient cleansing of a wound would prevent lethal infection.
The same night-time reading of my e-mail that brings news of astute and good Mr. Hessel's death tells me about international oil interests making sure to have access to their raw product in a small and beautiful country like Malaysia. Poor Nigeria, for what oil-taking has done there to the environment and human rights. Shell is probably only temporarily withdrawing from oil drilling in the Arctic. Utter "the Arctic" now, and melting glaciers, crumbling permafrost, stranded polar bears are the imagery to conjure, with Shell in that scene caring only for production and bottom-line money.
In VT, NH, Maine we need to keep shoddy shale-oil pipelines from crossing over us, through our natural beauty, or that trashing will be our sadness. Same with the Northern Pass powerline project. More-southern cities, conserve your electricity before sucking never-ending more through our irreplaceable treasure, our mountains and valleys.
Stephane Hessle left with thoughts for "viable human life," giving our planet "fifty or a hundred years," if we "do not all work together to put forward ecological solutions." The grandchildren among us now — get them outdoors to feel reverence for life. Teach them "thank you, mountains; thank you, ocean." Stephane Hessel's heart and voice need replicating. Help the next Stephane Hessels to grow up among us. Take those kids to farmers' markets, getting good, locally-grown food into them, also introducing them to farmers. Our planet's life depends upon it.
Lynn Rudmin Chong
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