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Pres. Obama had a plan: divide America in every way he could

To the editor,
Well March is here and Obama is again on the campaign trail. This time he is running to avoid responsibility for yet another brilliant political move. He's trying to rewrite history and blame Congress (read Republicans) for his own sequester plan. But he's not getting away with it. No less then the liberal hero, Bob Woodward from the Washington Post, has outed the president. Well you don't "out" a Chicago thug politician without repercussions. Woodward has revealed that he has been threatened by high ranking White House adviser David Plouffe and former Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith. I'm not sure it's a good idea taking on Bob Woodward, even Obama my have bitten off more then he can chew there.
On the other side of the issue, John Boehner has promised to pass a continuing resolution in the House to maintain current government programs. Well at least someone is looking out for we regular people. But don't count are chickens yet it still must go to the senate where Ed Reed has refused to allow any Republican bill to even see the floor. That Little rat!
Back to Obama now. Read today that the president has issued orders to cut programs designed to impact our middle class families most. That's right, instead of cutting redundant, overlapping government agency programs, cutting back on waste he decided to use the middle class American families for his punching bag. Well voters, you elected him, hope your pleased.
But one thing you can say about Obama, he set about his presidency with a plan. He planed to divide the American people in every way he could. Race, religion, class, ethnicity and he's done a bang up job of it. He promised to make the cost of energy sky rocket and just look where our gas and oil prices are. And don't think he's done, oh no. He plans to reduce our nations military to a second rate power. Our economic wealth will be used to fund the third world nations. That's your tax dollars going abroad making that sucking sound readers. He will trust the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt by giving them F-16 fighter jets and M-1 Abrams tanks but does not trust honest American citizens to own firearms.
Where did he learn his history and values from I'd like to know? With a president like him we don't need enemies abroad.
Steve Earle
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