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What’s worse, separating recyclables or paying higher taxes?

To the editor,
People make comments about recycling being elitist or foofoo or anti-individualistic. Well, I will tell you right now that's not why I support separation of recyclables. I support separation of recyclables because I don't like paying more taxes. It's economic! Yes, there are other good reasons to support separation of recyclables, and that's great. But I'm a dollars and cents guy. I appreciate the other issues ... environment, energy conservation, and it's the responsible thing to do. But paying higher taxes when they can be avoided is not my idea of a reasonable approach to trash disposal. This is an area where YOU can make a difference. You can do this by voting to require the town to take advantage of our revenue source by taking the items that can be resold, repurposed, or recycled out of the trash stream. I want my individual rights, but I also want my community to support the effort to reduce our burden of taxation by coming together to maximize the savings from separation of recyclables. Civic responsibility means the individual needs to act in a responsible manner so the community can take advantage of the collective actions of the group. It's the "united we stand, divided we fall" concept.
All of us can do better in reducing our waste. We need to work to make separation of recyclables as easy, convenient and pleasant as possible. Together we can make a difference. We can turn trash to cash, waste to resource, and expense into an economic opportunity. Please support warrant article #38 on March 12.
Tom Scribner
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