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I pledge to make common sense judgements for Town of Gilford

To the editor,
My name is Don Pangburn and I ask for your support in my campaign for a seat on the Gilford Town Budget Committee. I am well acquainted with the Lakes Region; our family settled in Gilford in 1926 as summer residents and through the years, have been active in the community. I am the first in the family to settle in Gilford full time, moving here permanently in 1992. Gilford is a wonderful place to raise a family with many natural resources at our fingertips and an active community. Protecting these resources, as well as the valuable services the town provides in trying economic times, will require common sense solutions.
At a time when there seems to be no limit on federal spending, and the belief that there is an unlimited amount of money we can borrow, Gilford has fared well in its ability to provide services to its community without being over burdened by long-term debt obligations. As our infrastructure and our municipal equipment ages, the challenge in the future will be to maintain them at reasonable costs to the taxpayers.
I believe all communities should engage in sound fiscal prudence with minimal reliance on State and Federal funds - why? Budget contractions at both levels are already happening and will only get worse. Being more self-reliant as a community protects the tax payer from higher rates covering broken "higher level Governmental" financial promises.
In closing I pledge to make common sense judgments for the town and simply offer to the taxpayers of Gilford my allegiance to sound economic and fiscal principles in managing Gilford's budgets.
Donald H. Pangburn
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