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And the top ten reasons for electing Billings to Inter-Lakes board are:

To the editor,
It has been interesting to read the resumes and aspirations of the two candidates running for Meredith representative on the Inter-Lakes School Board. Both candidates are certainly qualified from an education and family standpoint, and both have played a part in procuring grant money for school science programs, which is an outstanding commitment to community service.
However, Mark Billings wins my vote, for the following top 10 reasons:
10. His campaign strategies have always been honest, ethical, above reproach, and he actually knows the election is March 12.
9. Impressively, he has attended every school board meeting for the past three years and regularly contributes to the public input portion of the agenda.
8. He enjoys participating in key, ongoing strategic planning committees connected to our school district's growth.
7. His knowledge of national education trends and technology is extremely current, resulting in analyzing and sharing data for fun.
6. He has a positive attitude about new education ideas suggested and implemented by the administration.
5. His economic background brings a skill to think strategically and long term, with a vision that is accessible to everyone for discussion.
4. He has terrific financial expertise in business, and his experience as the Meredith Town Treasurer gives him insight into the struggles of the national, state, and local economies.
3. He is committed to conservation and energy, and has shown an ability to work with staff to collaborate that knowledge into school curriculum experiences.
2. His passion is to turn all of our students into better learners.
And my number one reason –
1. He will be an active representative, voting 100 percent of the time on all I-L Board actions, without having to step down because of conflict of interest.
On March 12, please give Mark Billings your vote for the Meredith Representative position on the Inter-Lakes School Board.
Karen Sticht
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