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Billings wil bring a different outlook to the Inter-Lakes School Board

To the editor,
There are a couple of political races that I have been watching in Meredith. In the first, Mark Billings has my vote as a Meredith representative on the Inter-Lakes School Board, because he will bring some diversity to the board. It is interesting to note his opponent is married to a district teacher and 5 out of 7 of the current board members are, or have been, educators. Mark, coming from a business and finance background, with interests in conservation and energy, will bring a different outlook and he will also be able to vote on all decisions by the board, not having to step down for any conflicts dealing with teachers, which is a big part of the budget.
The second race, for Meredith Board of Selectman, has a true underdog in the contest. Jayne Greemore doesn't have ties to any other town boards or committees, but has decided that now is the time for her to get involved with the Selectboard to help preserve our community, which she loves. As a newcomer to local politics and a hard working small business owner in Meredith for many years, she will bring a fresh and valuable new perspective to the meetings.
Please vote for Mark Billings (Inter-Lakes School Board) and Jayne Greemore (Meredith Selectboard) in the election on March 12.
Lisa Clark
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