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Maybe we could all agree to start budget cuts with foreign aid

To the editor,
Everyone talking about the sequester and the president had been denying it was his idea. Bob Woodward exposed that lie and finally the White House came clean and admitted it came from them. Obama has been telling people that it will mean fewer police officers, firemen, teachers and first responders. I ask why? Are not most of these positions funded by local taxes? And what the Feds provide, couldn't that be made up by cutting foreign aid to countries that hate us or those who would become our enemies in a heartbeat? Then there is the United Nations. What a bad joke that bunch is. We provide hundreds of millions of dollars to run that failed experiment and see nothing but corruption and incompetence from them.
The American people, by a large majority, are in favor of reducing the national debt in theory but apparently no one wants it to actually affect them. So all right maybe it's time we, and I mean both sides, start pressing the president and Congress to cut these cash flows to foreign nations? We've got to start somewhere so why not there?
I have a bone to pick with the Green crowed. All we ever hear from them seems to be solar panels and wind turbines; oh yes, and recycling. I'd like to ask them why we never hear a thing about renewable systems that actually work and are cost effective? Plasma generators have been up and running for years now but ever hear or read about them? These things take in any solid mater, toxic waste, poison, trash, garbage, yard clippings, industrial waste, anything. It completely eliminates it and generates one third more energy then it uses. Nothing is released into the environment and the bi-products are a gas that can be turned into hydrogen gas, natural gas or ethanol, all sale-able commodities. and an obsidian glass used in ceramics. Yet few have ever hears of them, why?
Sometimes I think our nation has become as dumb as the politicians think we are.
Steve Earle
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