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Let's not damage our economy on the whims of environmentalists

To the editor,
Family and friends have assured me that hurricanes and droughts have increased to new and terrifying levels in recent years. How do they know this? These supposed facts have been reported repeatedly in the mainstream media including our cherished "Weather Channel". This should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the dynamics of Obamamania in the media. Our president asserts that climate change is causing droughts to become more common and storms to become more severe. He has decreed that it is so and so, it has been written in stone. Or at least in the N.Y. Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post and all over the television landscape, save for the Fox News Channel.
Here is some additional data as a followup to my previous letters on this subject. This comes from a Nature Climate Change Journal report from last fall. Measurements accumulated by tropical cyclone and hurricane activity indicate that this activity has actually been quite low in recent decades. The report goes on to assert that, "there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years" when measured on a global scale.
The whole point of my letters on this issue is as follows: (1) producing inefficient electric cars that are too expensive to sell; (2) putting up gigantic, landscape crushing wind turbines around Newfound Lake with little proof of their net efficiency; (3) confiscating huge sums of public money to invest in unproven green technologies in order to make politicians and environmentalists feel good about themselves are morally and ethically repugnant endeavors and economically damaging to the fiscal health of our country.
Let's keep our environment clean and sustainable through real and honest debate based on verifiable scientific facts shall we? Let's all act like adults and not damage our economy based on the whims of the environmentalists who apparently have succumbed to the intoxicating lust for power and money. Is that really too much to ask?
Russ Wiles
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