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We are lucky to have Lou Kahn volunteer to serve Meredith

To the editor,
I'm writing this letter to endorse and support Lou Kahn for Meredith Selectman.
I got to know Lou through my volunteering with the FRIENDS of Meredith Parks and Recreation. At the time, our focus was on the Childs Park project. Those that have lived in Meredith Center for a long time know how badly this park needed to be updated. It was a long process but in the end the community was able to celebrate the grand opening this past fall. As a community, we approved several warrant articles and also raised money through private donations — but we still had not reached our goal. After a few discussions with Lou, who has been a resident of Meredith for a number of years, he stepped forward to donate the remaining funds so the Childs Park project could be completed. The donation was made in the name of Lou's late wife, Bobby Smyth. As many of you know, Bobby loved Meredith and cared deeply for Meredith Center.
Lou has stepped up numerous times and served the town in a number of capacities, including volunteering for a number of different boards and committees in town. These are valuable experiences that I believe will serve as a strong foundation for Lou as he navigates the various responsibilities of being a Meredith Selectman . Many people in our community are busy and, due to work and family obligations, are unable to volunteer their time, attend community meetings, and serve the town. We are lucky to have someone like Lou, and all the other volunteers in our community, who do have the time, experience, and willingness to step forward for the good of our community.
Please cast your vote for Lou Kahn on Tuesday, March 10th.
Tami Carpentiere
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