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I have the education, experience, time & energy to fight for Belmont

To the editor,
As a responsible citizen I am very concerned with the direction the town of Belmont is heading. As most of you know, I have taken it upon myself, with other concerned citizens, to resolve some of these problems through the legal process. I have decided to try and correct these problems through the political process by placing my name on the ballot as your selectman. I have served Belmont in the past for two separate terms for six years as selectman and, if you are doing your job in earnest as a selectman, it is very demanding. I am willing to make that commitment and sacrifice the time to do the job well. I am calling upon all of you to join me, as I cannot do this alone. Running town government must be inclusive, which means we all work together in an open and public way. I will be there to listen to your needs and follow the laws of the state to protect you and your interest in Belmont.
I have been very fortunate in my upbringing to be raised by immigrant parents. I not only learned the important responsibility of family, I also learned you have a responsibility to your country, the country that nurtures you, feeds you and allows you to achieve unlimited successes. You evolve with life experiences; you become more understanding of the things that are most important to your community and your country.
One of these virtues is being honest with your self. We all have to face the truth sooner or later. It troubles me when a public official cannot be honest with himself. A lie begets another lie, the web gets more entwined and that is when the problems begin. It is better to face the truth and deal with it. I promise to bring transparency to the town hall and always be honest with you.
Education is the most important responsibility we can provide for our children and ourselves. I am proud of what Belmont has done over the years to promote education. The mandate we are responsible for as parents and citizens is to make certain that our children get as good or better education than we have.
There are important issues in every political process that can make things better for all of us. Planning town growth to help us develop our infrastructure in a planned manner, developing a recycling program to save our resources and to lower our cost of garbage collection, protecting our water supply from being polluted, and having Selectmen meetings at a time when working people can attend, etc.
I live at 194 Gilmanton Road (Route 140). My family and I established our domicile at this location in 1969. I designed my house and built it in five sections over 20 years. If anyone would like know the real me I welcome you to come and visit, I am sure we will have interesting discussions and you will find out first hand what I am all about. My telephone number is 267-8023; please call me.
I have years of experience and education, and the time and energy to put it to good use working and fighting for the good people of Belmont
The election is on March 12, 2013 at the High School; voting is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., I hope to see you there and I am asking for your vote and your support.
George Condodemetraky PE
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