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Ayotte complains about partisanship while she votes with far right

To the editor,
We keep seeing Senator Ayotte in the news. She spends most of her time acting like a parrot as she speaks the sound bites of the "Grumpy Old Men". It is time that she stops trying to promote her career and starts worrying about the people of New Hampshire.
In 2010, in her campaign, she spoke in support of Social Security and Medicare and the benefits for her mother. She talked jobs, jobs and more jobs. As a senator she has become a pseudo authority on Benghazi and a supporter of the filibuster to hold up the will of the majority. Where are the jobs? Have you heard her fighting for the people who sent her to the Senate?
She complains about partisan politics as she votes the positions of the far right. She talks about her ideas without sharing the details with us. We need to store her performance in our memories and make sure she is a one term senator!
Paul Bonneville
Lochmere (Tilton)
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