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Say 'no' to Plymouth zoning amendments #2, #3 and #4

To the editor,
Plymouth is at a crossroad:
— The Environmentally Sensitive Zone is protected by state and federal regulations as well as the Shoreline Protection Act. The Plymouth Zoning and Planning boards have always worked diligently to adhere to all regulations.
— Say no to zoning amendments #2, #3 and #4.
— In 2007/2008 the sitting Zoning and Planning Board approved the Lowe's development on the same property being developed now.
— Then during a two year period, abutters had challenged the legality of this development and violations by the Zoning, Planning Board and town. All were exonerated. This challenge cost the town of Plymouth almost $100,000 of your tax dollars. Also Lowe's was going to put in a town baseball field, canoe and kayak launching site and give the town land for a West Plymouth fire annex.
— The State Supreme Court as well as two lowers courts, Zoning Board and Planning Board, and town attorney determined all was lawful and complied with all regulations and laws. That ruling affirmed the local board's decisions on all points, both procedurally and statutorily.
— All the permitting on the current development has been approved by the state and federal agencies and has complied with all current regulations of the ESZ. The water from this development with its filtration system will return to the soil in better quality than the runoff from Tenney Mountain Highway.
— It is time we attract companies that will employ people from the local area and allow locals to work in their home area.
Again Say "NO" to Zoning petition amendments #2,#3,#4.
John Randlett
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