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Are you arguing people in Tilton should only pay for what they use?

To the editor,
There seems to be some unhappy taxpayers in Tilton. They
are upset over last year's Warrant Article that spread all sewer betterments to all the taxpayers .They have petitioned a new Warrant Article for March16 to put the  tax burden back on the shoulders of 518 property owners, some whom still have tax leans from past betterment bills. Thier biggest complaint is, "Why should we pay for something we are not connected to, nor use.?" ITS UNFAIR.
Good point .NOW HERE'S MINE. For
the last 25 years my wife and I have paid property taxes to the Town of Tilton. We have no children, yet part of our taxes over the years have helped pay for your kids education. In 25 years we have never used the town library, the parks, the transfer station or, thank God, been in need of health and welfare aid. Our taxes help pay for all these amenities  that we have never used . You don't hear us WHINING.
You see TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME. What about the lake front seasonal property owners? They are assessed through the roof .They come up here three months a summer, most of their homes are on private roads, their tax dollars help keep our town running 12 months a year. I don't hear them WHINING either.
You might want to think about these things before
you vote March 16. There has been three sewer projects in Tilton over the last 15 years, which have greatly improved the quality of our lakes, rivers, and streams,  from which we ALL benefit. Do we as taxpayers want to start fractionalizing future town improvements. Be careful, THAT DOOR CAN SWING BOTH WAYS.
Tom Sellew
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