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Our president is one who authored & signed this sequester mess

To the editor,
I have been watching and listening to our president demonize Republicans as if they are solely responsible for this sequester mess. Yes, a majority of Republicans agreed to it, but he along with his sidekick, Jack Lew, is the one who authored it and signed it. First of all, it is not an immediate $86 billion in cuts, but rather $44 billion in initial cuts.
Ladies and gentlemen, it seems our president is literally making stuff up to scare the bejeebers out of us as though we are caught in some Bela Lugosi horror flick.
President Obama used first responders as props while claiming that communities will lose those protections due to budget cuts. When truth be told, about 98 percent of the salaries of firemen and policemen are paid for by local and state taxes. "Draconian cuts" claims our president acting like Count Dracula asserting that our security and safety will be bled dry. My God Mr. President, how about showing some real leadership instead of playing this disingenuous, doomsday defense, "it ain't my fault that the sky will fall if this sequester actually takes affect".
Why do Democrats immediately gravitate to a deceitful, fraudulent stance whenever Republicans try to advance some fiscal sanity with responsible cuts? Police, firefighters, teachers, the poor and disabled will lose work and benefits they scream! The amount of waste and fraud embedded in the myriad of duplicitous government programs can easily cover a minor 2 percent reduction in their budgets without affecting any essential services or grounding airlines or stopping aircraft carriers in their tracks.
Our president is running this country as though his primary purpose is to destroy the GOP with precious little regard for the welfare of this country. Though a majority of folks believe this country is headed in the wrong direction, most of those same people still absolve President Obama of any blame. Truly unbelievable, even taking into account the complicit, lapdog, legacy media. Historians will eventually give an honest accounting of the damage our President has done to this country. Will we be reading those pages while living in a crumbling, European socialist style, entitlement society?
Russ Wiles
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