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Let's put Lou Kahn's knowledge & passion to work for Meredith

To the editor,
Why is Meredith one of the best towns in New England? It's because government and the volunteer sector have done and given so much to the town. Lou Kahn has demonstrated his concern for Meredith and its residents for many years. He has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life we have in Meredith. Whether it be in the forefront of protecting our land and water, or his involvement with the Planning Board, or his incredible generosity, Lou has always put the welfare of Meredith and its citizens first.
It is absolutely essential, in this time of extreme pressures on municipal government, that we elect an individual who brings intelligence, caring and a depth of knowledge of municipal government to the Selectboard. By understanding the needs of the community as well as the need to be fiscally responsible, Lou's knowledge and expertise will greatly enhance the board.
Please be sure to cast your vote for Lou Kahn on Election Day in order to have his knowledge and passion working for both the citizens and the Town of Meredith. Electing Lou and re-electing Nate Torr will continue the excellent work done by the Selectboard these past years.
Bob Davis
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