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Thanks Colette! Everything you touch seems to turn to gold

To the editor,
Michael Kitch's article in Wednesday's paper was a ray of sunshine in an edition otherwise cloudy with bad news. The hard work of the Belknap County Convention is paying off and reaping the promised benefits to Belknap taxpayers despite all the mud being thrown at them. They are keeping their promise to those who elected them to hold taxes down in this killer of an economy... an increase that could have been as much as 12 percent had the commission had its way is now projected to be a measly 0.3 percent. Thanks Colette... everything you touch seems to turn to gold.
We keep reading about all the hurdles Colette Worseman's convention must leap over. But the attempts of the county commission to thwart the convention's cost saving efforts are all twisted to sound as if raising taxes and wasteful spending are good things that we all want. If the commission really had its way our taxes would be going up much higher so that wasteful spending could be increased while the standard of living and average income of the people paying those taxes continues its death spiral. But that is what we really want... we are told. We keep hearing about how the "evil" county convention is conducting a clandestine overthrow of our county government and how the "cavalry" of the county commission must ride in on white horses to save the day with higher taxes for things no sane person would ever spend his own money on.
One day I read an article that spanned two pages with big bold headlines near the front of the paper which tried to paint the image that the dirty convention is holding unscheduled meetings in the dark behind locked doors and speaking in whispers... probably all wearing black hats too. They are denying the public any access to what they are up to and how they are operating, we are told. Then towards the back of the very same paper, between some comic strips and a foreclosure notice, is this tiny non-credited blurb about the very same convention meetings being available for viewing by anyone who has access to a TV.... being re-played "many times over the coming weeks" on LRPA-TV. Seems the Convention just does not understand how to operate in secret... you can't be telling the TV stations when you are having the secret meetings and allowing them to bring cameras in if you don't want anyone to know what you are doing, Colette!
While tiny, that blurb pointed out that people can "form their own opinions after witnessing for themselves". What a novel idea! But what a slap in the face such a notion must be to those who see us all as a herd of cattle waiting to be told how to think.
Frank Marino
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