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When are you packing your bags to go out west and start picking fruit?

To the editor,
To Mr. Ewing:
The REAL answer is that illegal aliens are NOT eligible for government assistance. This includes welfare. This doesn't mean that sometimes they do get it, for example Texas gives about $70B in welfare but mostly due to fraud or to the children of illegals who are eligible. The biggest problem we have with all these benefits is fraudulent claims mostly medical, or anything else they can sneak by with. Remember there are many store owners here that will, for a few dollars, accept an illegal welfare check which hurts us all. The major problem is that there are not "welfare police" to straighten out this mess. As usual this has been going on for years and years but now it's all Obamas fault.
I have to laugh when you say they are stealing our low paying jobs. When are you packing your bags to go out west to start picking fruit? They were doing these jobs before we were in that part of the country so please get real. The last thing Obama wants to do is cut jobs, like those that will be cut due to this sequester. The GOP love it because it increases the unemployment rate and makes Obama look bad. Didn't work the last election did it? Even though you don't believe this, most of your claims can be put onto the backs of the GOP and NOT Obama. But overall the bottom line REAL problem is that the two parties will not work together for anything positive. Your GOP will say "no" to anything Obama wants, even if they wanted it at one time. So the Dems don't waste their time trying to cross the aisles because the GOP will just change their minds again. The GOP is becoming so crazy that they made Gov. Christie an outcast because he did his job for the people of Jersey and actually spoke with the president.
Lastly you also have Mitch McConnell who fillibustered his own bill. Ashley Judd should have fun with him next year.
Jon Hoyt
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