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Gilmanton el students show us the recycling path by example

To the editor,
When, we recycle, we think and act beyond ourselves. That's what the students at the Gilmanton Elementary demonstrate each and every school day.
Since 2004, GES has led the charge for unified recycling in our town. Their simple and effective 3-part collection program for recyclables, food waste and food packaging has been immensely successful.
In less than an hour each week, 6th graders and staff collect and process all recycling. Paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, tin and glass go to the transfer station where it is baled and sold as a revenue source for the town. Next is food packaging. The school is paid for chip and snack bags, wrappers, juice pouches, etc. that cannot be recycled locally. They're boxed and sent to the Terracycle Co. (they pay shipping) where they are up-cycled into common household items. On Wednesday's, 3rd graders collect compost buckets from all classrooms and are dumped into the composter.  This food waste is diverted from the dumpster (waste stream) and saves the school/town even more money.

Collectively, GES spends an hour a week to process recycling for over 350 individuals. They generate income for the town, themselves and save money through reduced disposal fees. I applaud the staff and administration for initiating this valuable learning opportunity in community & environmental education. It is amazing to see how recycling has become second nature to the youngest members of our community.
It is my hope that their example will inspire others to recycle.
A little effort can make a big difference
Thanks GES for leading the way!
Lori Baldwin
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