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Don't fall for good old boy promises coming from Don Guarino

To the editor,
Dear fellow Gilmanton resident,:
We have a three person Board of Selectmen so it is very important that we elect selectmen that are truly independent. On March 12th, we can elect Betty Ann Abbott to serve as a truly independent voice as our next selectman!
Betty Ann is not only knowledgeable, dependable and thorough; she will not be unduly influenced. She has previously served us as selectman, including as chairperson. She was not a rubber stamp for anyone and delved into issues to reach the best results for the town. She will be a good steward of our tax dollars and bring much needed professionalism to the board.
While I am thrilled to vote for such an outstanding candidate as Betty Ann, I am worried that my fellow voters will listen to and fall prey to glad handing and good old boy promises from her opponent, Don Guarino. His prior record as selectman shows inconsistency in terms of attendance, punctuality and follow through on issues. We don't need a selectman who is unorganized or inattentive to details. We need a selectman who is independent and not a rubber stamp for another selectman. Don Guarino actively campaigned and supported Brett Currier last year and it is clear to me they would be two peas in a pod. This is not the kind of leadership our town deserves.
I encourage you to vote for Betty Ann Abbott for Gilmanton Selectman. She will be an independent voice!
Terri Donovan
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