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I ask Sen. Hosmer to support scholarships for kids who aren't affluent

To the editor,
I have always been a supporter of school choice by the parents. Most parents know what is best for their child. And it is important that parents of lesser financial means have the same opportunity that affluent parents have; choice to learn in an alternative educational environment better suited for the child. My dream legislation would be all parents rich or struggling should take the full per pupil cost of that desk where the student sits to follow the student to a better place to excel.
I ask our District 7 Senator Andrew Hosmer to support the law that is in place now that allows businesses in N.H. to make scholarship money available to parents to assist in providing that education the parents would like for their children. Vote against HB-370 in the Senate.
Senator Hosmer, I learned during the campaign that you and Mrs. Hosmer have children attending a private Christian school. Congrats for loving them enough to want them in the best educational environment for them. I would like to discuss other issues with you sometime senator.
Niel Young
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