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The Constitution was actually written to restrict government

To the editor,
In response to John Rodgers on gun control (Feb. 22): First, thanks for the name calling; guess we know what type of person you are in a discussion. Next, I agree with you on the hogwash that is being thrown out to the public, especially by the main stream press and our politicians:
1. The press reports only the facts and only when they know all of the facts of the story. If they get something wrong they correct the story immediately. They report honestly with no bias or agenda. Therefore we know that the AR-15 was used in the actual crime and not found in the trunk of the car down the street as the police report states. We also know that these guns must have been obtained legally by the shooter and he must have passed a background check. Therefore having stricter background check laws and banning all guns will definitely solve the gun violence problem. . . just check the countries crime rates with total bans like England and Australia.
2. That the Newtown shooting and a couple other gun related shootings were the only violent crimes resulting in deaths in the last couple of months. We know this as no other crimes were reported on in the main stream press during that time.
3. That gun related crimes account for the majority of crimes and deaths from crimes.
4. That violent crimes and deaths are not stopped or deterred by legal gun owners (carrying). We know this as the main stream press has not reported on any of these incidences.
5. President Obama is our elected president by a landslide. He is the all powerful and needs not abide by the U.S. Constitution even though banning all guns will be breaking the 2nd Amendment, an impeachable act.
6. That the 2nd Amendment states the definition of "arms" and guns such as the AR-15 are restricted by definition as well as large capacity magazines.
7. That the U.S. Constitution was actually written to restrict government(s) including ours from growing too large and controlling more and more of the citizen's lives... including disarming them! And that it was written to limit Federal power of elected politicians including the president.
8. That more background check laws will solve all the violence problems as the current laws are already being upheld. And that new and stricter law as well as a complete gun ban will definitely keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other unstable people.
9. That the NRA is an organization formed by BIG, BAD CORPERATE GUN MANUFATURERS in order to lobby for loose gun laws in opposition to the 2nd Amendment in order to allow criminals and other unstable people to easily obtain guns. We also know that the funds for the NRA come from the gun manufacturers and not the very small individual membership base.
10. Nothing has changed. The government has not restricted anything on federal and state levels. The crime rates in the states with the strictest gun controls such as New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and California are much lower than right-to-carry states such as North Dakota, Texas, Florida and even New Hampshire.
You see...this is the "Sty". If you want to be an informed reader/voter/citizen, go get the facts in as many places as you can, from both sides. Then siphon through these facts. Eventually you will get good at eliminating the hype and rhetoric and the truth will be very evident.
Dave Nix
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