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Does cutting down our green forests constitutes 'Green Energy'?

To the editor,
Summer residents and vacationers to Newfound Lake, soon may be greeted by more than beaches, sea gulls and warm water. Mountain top industrial wind turbines, with their blades spinning in the lake breeze, will soon inhabit the landscape visible to all lake goers.
The summer sound of bulldozers clawing their way through the mountain tops, where Iberdrola Renewables proposes 37 industrial wind turbines, each erected 454 feet from the ground. The sound of explosives blasting through miles of mountain tops, creating a road the width of Interstate 93, in places that deer and moose roam free. The sound of chainsaws ringing in the summer air — stopping only to refuel.
This may soon be the new found sounds of all New Hampshire Lakes Regions. After all, this is where the wind blows most in New Hampshire, in the Lakes Regions.
Industrial-scale, mountain top power plants in New Hampshire represents a terrible error of vision and planning by the state of New Hampshire. It also represents a profound failure to understand the value of our landscape.
Does New Hampshire have more trees than it knows what to do with? Does cutting down our green forest constitute "Green Energy"? The wind should be free to travel and the birds that travel in the wind should not be cruelly chopped up by these devil machines.
It's all about location, location, location — and Massachusetts is outsourcing their renewable energy quota through New Hampshire land.
Ray Cunningham
Whittemore Point, Bristol
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