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Jayne Greemore will be independent voice of reason on selectboard

To the editor,
"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking," is a quote by General George Patton that currently epitomizes my opinion of the Meredith Selectboard. On March 12, voters will be casting ballots for local officials. In Meredith, three very nice people are running for two open positions on the Selectboard and I thank them for signing up.
One of my two votes will absolutely be cast for Jayne Greemore. She is an independent thinker, a voice that accurately represents the thoughts and frustrations of many people. She understands the plight of the local economy, the difficulties of owning a small business, the compromises that must be made, and the budget process that goes with it all. She knows how unemployment and financial problems can burden a family, and that tough choices are being made by people in Meredith right now between buying food or medicine, and paying for ever rising local taxes.
Jayne believes that this country was founded on individual rights which should be cherished, not taken away by select local groups. She knows that every tax dollar is hard earned, and thorough questions and avenues have to be explored before spending what isn't hers. Most importantly, she is not part of the "Good 'Ol Boy" mindset that permeates many Meredith committees and board meetings as a result of the same people shifting from one position to another, creating votes that are pre-set and unanimous. After attending many Selectboard meetings, I feel that Jayne has an independent voice of reason and empathy that is missing from the table.
Please give Jayne Greemore one of your two votes for the Meredith Selectboard on March 12. She can also be located at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and appreciates all communications.
Karen Sticht
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