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Let's not elect q quixotic promoter of centralized government power

To the editor,
I write in support of Don Guarino for selectman in Gilmanton. Townfolk should ask themselves one question before casting their vote on March 12: do I want to be represented by a believer in small and efficient government and local control or is it better to be represented by a quixotic promoter of centralized governmental power? With government at all levels now consuming in excess of 40 percent of gross domestic product and the ever present cry for more revenues, I hope that the
voters of Gilmanton will opt in favor of a man of common sense who will place his community and its needs above any sense of personal entitlement.
Don Guarino is tapped into the very fiber of Gilmanton and has served the community with honor and attention to duty, Please vote for him on March 12; thank you.
Dick Burchell
State Representative, Belknap 5
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